Dear Dr. Holzman,

Thanks for checking in.  It’s a little over a month now and I still can’t quite believe that I can actually see – and see well–without the aid of glasses or contacts.  I keep catching myself thinking I need to put my contacts in or take them out before I remember that I’m not wearing them!  It’s the craziest thing and sometimes I half expect to wake up one morning to find my corrected vision gone, like a dream.

I don’t know what your personal vision history is, but I think unless a person has been with extremely poor vision for years and years as I was, they can’t truly understand what a miracle it seems to be able to see 20/20 unaided.  I’m sure you’ve heard this from many patients over the years (and probably from patients with vision worse than my own was), but a simple “thank you” almost doesn’t seem enough.  Although in some ways I now wish I’d had this procedure done years ago, I believe I found an excellent combination in the technological advances of today and your unparalleled surgical skills.  I don’t know that my results would have been quite so amazing say, 10+ years ago, with a different surgeon.

Quite gratefully,

Deborah Sulzbach

PS—one of my kindergartener’s who is just fascinated by my vials of Optive lubricating drops tells me almost every time he sees me put drops in: “That’s a pretty good doctor that he fixed your eyes and now you don’t need glasses.  Yeah, that’s a pretty good doctor.”  Can’t get a much better recommendation than that! 😉

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