Will I have something to look at during my LASIK, PRK, or CK procedure?  Am I going to move my eye and mess up the outcome?  This is a question that almost every patient asks us…no matter what procedure they are having.  A patient last week sat up from her LASIK procedure and said, “There was nothing to fear except fear itself.”  Honestly, she is so right.  We are so afraid of the “what if” in life, when in reality what we are really afraid of is not being in control of the situation we are in.   With LASIK, PRK, and CK the answer is, LOOK AT THE LIGHT!  You will have a fixation light that you will see for the majority of the procedure.  It is there for you to give you a focal point, so yes you will have something to look at!

The complete, honest truth about can you mess up the outcome of your procedure by moving your eye is one that depends on a few factors.  You must do your research!  Is your surgeon a board certified laser eye surgeon?  How many LASIK, PRK or CK procedures has your surgeon performed?  What technology does your surgeon use?  Is the laser suite a controlled environment? How will your surgeon handle a complication if one occurs?

As with any surgical procedure, you need to know what you are electing to have done.  Having LASIK, PRK, and CK is a simple procedure when you are trusting your eyes to someone who is experienced and has the technology and surgical skill to correct your vision.  The Allegretto Wavelight laser and the Visx Star laser that Dr. Holzman uses actually track your eye movement.  Dr. Holzman will stop the laser if you move your eyes out of the treatment range.  Dr. Holzman has a team of trained staff who work with you from the consultation throughout your post procedure care to ensure that you will achieve your best corrected visual outcome.  Dr. Holzman himself is actively involved in your care.  Laser vision correction is what he does all week long.  He welcomes questions from his patients.  He is open and honest and will tell you what will best help you achieve your best vision.

So, do your research. Make sure whomever you choose to perform your laser eye procedure is well qualified, and once you are in the surgical suite, look at the light!  Let us guide you.  This is what we do!  As difficult as it is to give up control and let Dr. Holzman correct your vision,  just think about breathing normally and look at the light!  Think to yourself, you will soon be seeing without having to put glasses on or contacts in!  What a happy thought!  This procedure is life changing!