Dry eyes are very common today with all of the computer use and environmental stressors we put on our eyes.  Contact lenses add to the difficulty as they are known to make your eyes drier.  Laser vision correction can make your eyes slightly more dry for a few months, but then you will return to your baseline level of tear production and your eyes will feel like they do when you are not wearing contacts.

Dry eyes used to be more of an issue with the older, bladed technology.  We use only INTRALASE at the Charlottesville TLC.  This is an ALL-LASER LASIK procedure that has many advantages over the older bladed procedures that were done years back.  One of those advantages is that the dry eye which follows LASIK is greatly reduced and almost never causes a significant issue as it used to on occasion.

Also, having the surgery with a Corneal specialist such as myself ensures that you will have the best care available and we will be treating you in advance to minimize any impact of dry eye after the surgery.  I frequently employ many methods, including special prescription eye drops and FDA approved supplements by mouth which are very helpful in keeping the eyes moist and seeing well.  Several studies have shown that patients who are treated like this preop do much better visually after the surgery.  We test and monitor you closely.  You should avoid having vents and fans blow directly at your face and minimize wind as well.  Lubricate frequently while at the computer.

In summary, we will not take any chances with you.  We make sure you are an appropriate candidate and pre-treat you with proper state of the art dry eye therapy.  Dry eye with ALL Laser LASIK is not nearly as bad as it was with prior bladed technologies.  Make sure you are treated with the most up to date ALL Laser procedure in Charlottesville.

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