Dr. Holzman

While life was a bit blurry before bedtime, I woke about 2am to a world that included seeing the alarm clock across the room and making out the time. Excited, I climbed out of bed and told my wife who was sitting up in the living room having been stirred by the dogs a couple of hours before. I told here, “You need to take me for a drive around town.” (We live in the town limits of Orange.). Her response, “Are you serious?! It is 2 in the morning.” “I want to take my new eyes out and see stuff! Let’s go….pretty please.”

We threw on our jackets and went for a spin around town. MAJOR halos, but I could see! It was awesome!

A few hours later, I captured this photo…my first sunrise without glasses in thirty years. Thank you and your team!

Grateful beyond description,

K. Shirley