Question:   What is typical recovery after LASIK?  How much time do I need to take off of work?

Dr Holzman:  Recovery of LASIK is very low impact and easy.  At our TLC facilities in Charlottesvile and also  at Tysons Corner and Rockville, Maryland,  we provide a dilute solution of numbing drops for usage on the way home from the procedure.   This is the time that it will be stinging and tearing a bit, right after the procedure.  The comfort/numbing drops will help with this issue.  It is best to take a nap after the surgery.  Most everyone is able to sleep as we give a Xanax prior to surgery and this typically is enough to help the patient fall asleep afterwards.   A 3 hour nap is recommended, and once the patient wakes up, the stinging and tearing are gone and the vision is much, much better.

The next day most patients feel as if they can work and drive.  Many people go back to work on the first day after surgery, so time off after LASIK surgery isn’t really necessary.  There is some mild haziness in the vision and some glare /haloes around lights, however most LASIK patients feel totally functional on this very first day.   The glare and haziness go away in the first few weeks.   Dry eyes need to be avoided by using plenty of lubricant drops and avoiding forced air from vents, fans, etc..