I have been very proud of Lori.  With our busy clinic and surgery schedule, it might be easy for her to forget her very important eye drops, but she’s been amazingly compliant.  One day when she was working at the front desk, I saw all of her drops lined up in a row by her computer!

Lori’s discovered the importance of maintaining proper eye hydration even when she doesn’t feel like they are dry.  We all know that the use of tears helps perfect our perceived vision, but this might not always be so evident to patients.

The progress with Lori’s vision has been wonderful.  As she continues to improve, she’ll pick up more and more of her surgical responsibilities.  That OR is pretty dry with active wind flow, so I’m just waiting a wee bit longer before we jump back into that environment.

Here we have another taken-in-one-shot video that is posted with zero editing.  Am I forced to post an unedited video because I don’t know how to edit?  Hmmm … Perhaps … but mostly I want a 100% authentic video that reflects my curiosity and Lori’s true experience as a PRK patient.

Dr. Weigel

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