Subject: A note of appreciation

Richard, I am writing to tell you what a terrific team you have at the Tyson’s office. The doctors and the support staff are all to be commended. They were pleasant, patient and helpful (the receptionist even scheduled an appointment at NRI for me). Perhaps you receive many of these notes once people have their sight improved out of sheer excitement but I am compelled to write nonetheless.

I am in day 5 of my recovery and my experience with your team in Tyson’s has been exceptional. There was a moment though, that I was not so sure this would be my final evaluation.. During my second visit my scans came up with significantly different results than the initial set, so much so that I was being steered toward a PRK procedure. This was not my expectation after my first visit and I was somewhat skeptical about the wide variance. However, Dr. Burr took extra time to work me through the possibilities and she gave me honest and constructive guidance while explaining my options but without any pressure to proceed. On the day of surgery Dr Holzman also seemed to take additional time with me, though he very professionally demurred when I asked him if I was receiving special treatment because of my conflicting scans. This combined forthright approach and Dr. Burr’s excellent “expectation management” techniques got me through the entire process with a positive view of not only the procedure but also of your organization and particularly your Tyson’s staff.

In the future I will recommend TLC and the Tyson’s office to those who ask my advice.


John Voorhees