I had done Lasik surgery with Dr. Holzman around a week ago and am so happy with the results so far. My eyes feel great, and I was able to see almost perfectly immediately after the surgery, although I experienced some normal, mild discomfort until after I took a post-surgery nap. I did my pre-operational visits and surgery at the Tyson’s Corner location, and I did two of my post-operational visits at the DC location.

Before deciding to go with Dr. Holzman, I had done consultations with two other surgeons. The other two surgeons were not sure whether they could perform Lasik without taking off too much of my cornea and permanently damaging my eye (resulting in “corneal ectasia”). These surgeons instead recommended PRK surgery for me, which costs the same as Lasik, but has a much longer and more unpleasant recovery process. I was initially planning to do PRK until I did my consultation with Dr. Jen Weigel at the Tyson’s Corner location. After taking my measurements, Dr. Weigel seemed confident that Dr. Holzman would be able to perform the Lasik without resulting in ectasia, and she calculated my measurements again on the day before my surgery to confirm that there would not be any problems. I was very impressed by how thorough she was during my two pre-op visits and appreciated how she took time to answer my many questions about the surgery. In addition to doing the two pre-op visits, prior to the surgery, she had me take various eyedrops (a prescription eyedrop for dryness, artificial tears, a steroid drop, and an antibiotic drop) and vitamins, and she had my regular eye doctor dilate and check my eyes. The other surgeons that I met with seemed much less careful; one even offered to do the PRK surgery on me on the same day as my initial consultation. Although I didn’t meet Dr. Holzman until the day of my surgery, I was very happy with the care that I received from Dr. Weigel. The surgical consultants at the Tyson’s Corner location, Tina and Maria, were also wonderful.

The surgery itself took well under ten minutes. Right before the surgery, the staff gave me some medication before the surgery, and Dr. Holzman came by to walk me through the process. Since my eyes were numbed, I didn’t feel anything except for some light pressure on my eyes when Dr. Holzman was cutting the flap. As soon as the surgery was over, my vision was near-perfect. Having worn glasses for 23 years prior to the surgery, I was overjoyed to finally be able to see naturally and nearly started crying. After taking a nap after the surgery, my eyes felt almost back to normal. Dr. Holzman kindly texted me that evening to check on me, which I much appreciated.

I did my one day and one week follow-ups at the DC TLC location, which was closer to my home, with Dr. Jo Angeles and Dr. Eveena Mahal, respectively. Both Dr. Angeles and Dr. Mahal seemed reasonably friendly and competent, but my visits seemed rushed, especially compared to my visits with Dr. Weigel. I definitely recommend that prospective patients in DC commute to Tyson’s Corner to do their pre-op visits with Dr. Weigel.

As for pricing, Dr. Holzman is more expensive than the other doctors in the DC area, but there are coupons on the TLC website or Groupon that you can use to make the cost around the same.