Dr. Holzman,


I really appreciate your follow up email.  The eyes are great and are steadily improving and healing.   I have to say, besides your great work on my eyes, which was excellent, I have been so impressed with you and your assistants’ customer service.   Between all of the prep work, explanations and care that your nurse’s and assistant’s gave me, your “bedside manner”, your day of phone call and now week after personal email.  I have really been blown away.  Your work speaks for itself but what will really make me recommend you to someone else is going to be all the other stuff that you and your team do so well. It makes the difference. Thanks again!


Patient Testimonial from R. King

We so appreciate that you took the time to write this Mr. King.  Dr. Holzman and all of the people he surrounds himself with at work strive daily to be extraordinary for our patients.  We try to treat you as we wish to be treated.  I agree that it helps to have people who really do care about your quality of life and helping you achieve the goal of attaining your best visual outcome post surgery.  

Often these days, people are very quick to criticize.  Don’t get me wrong, we are always open to growth and constructive criticism, but letters of gratitude acknowledging our efforts to strive for excellence truly are so appreciated!  We all are so happy that you took the time to let us know that you are doing well, and that you think we are too!

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