Christy Nicole Myers:
The practice has been professional and informative throughout the entire process of undergoing LASIK. My experience aligned with my expectations. Dr. Burr told me what it would all be like, and she was right. The surgery went so smoothly with Dr Holzman, and at age 37 the bear didn’t hurt with the nerves! I’m at 7 months post surgery and have 20/20 vision. I wish I had done this in my 20’s!
Signed– Christy Nicole Myers

Joseph Nicely:
When I first came to Dr. Holzman, I couldn’t read the 20/400 line without my glasses. Three months after my surgery, my vision was 20/20. One year after my surgery , my vision has remained at 20/20 and I love it! The procedure was painless and quick. Dr. Holzman talked to me during the procedure and informed me of what he was doing. He was able to make a potentially stressful procedure relaxing. I have had no complications with my vision and enjoy waking up every morning with the ability to read the alarm clock without glasses. Thanks Dr. Holzman.

Signed– Joseph Nicely