I know I say this every time I post our patient feed back but I will say it again…if you write us we will post them!  We post your thank you notes because we believe in what we do!  Having LASIK or PRK is a life changing decision for people.  We as a team work incredibly hard to stay on top of all of the latest technology and surgical techniques to ensure that our patients get their best corrected vision possible and have the best quality of care.  Believe it or not every refractive surgery center, surgeon and center staff does not do this.  Making the decision to have an elective surgical procedure us not an easy one.  It requires really researching and finding the best surgeon, the best technology for your individual needs and a caring and skilled clinical team to ensure that you achieve your goal. Do not base your decision to have this life changing procedure on smart advertising or price only.  Sometimes the saying you get what you pay for is true…and that is rarely a good thing! $299 per eye for a refractive surgery is tricky advertising.  It draws people in.  Be wise and do your research!  Our goal is to give you the best experience and visual outcome because we appreciate your trust in us to change your life for the better!  Thank you to all of our patients who take the time to write us and let us know how we have made a difference in their lives, because that is why we do what we do!


I  don’t know how I ever lived without the surgery. It feels like a breath of fresh air not being required to wear glasses and contacts again. Thanks again for being so patient and so fore-coming I do not think I could have ever done this procedure with a Naval Doctor.

Thanks again,


Hello doctor Holzman,

Everything is great. I can see every bud, on every branch, on every tree. It’s truly amazing. I’ve had poor vision my entire life, but from now on my vision will be perfect, even better than perfect. It’s crazy to think about, I lie down in a chair with 20/300 vision and stand up 10 minutes later with 20/15. It’s remarkable. Thank you for your fabulous work.


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