Dr. Tina Burr, Clinical Director of TLC Laser Eye Centers in Tyson’s Corner since 2007,  recently received the  Keyperson of the Year  award given by the Virginia Optometric Association.  It is also noteworthy that Dr Burr was nominated for the Vanguard Optometrist of the Year award, but has too many years of service in order to actually qualify as the winner of that award.

 Keyperson of the Year is presented to the VOA active member who has demonstrated his commitment to helping optometry reach its legislative goals in the U.S. Congress or the Virginia legislature through the Keyperson Program over the last 12 months.  Recipients are VOA volunteers who have an existing relationship with a legislator or are willing to forge a new relationship.  These relationships come in many forms such as patient, neighborhood, school, church, professional, civic, or political.

This award is quite deserved and we are all very proud of Dr Burr.   Her Directorship at the TLC Tysons Corner has helped make the Tysons Corner center well known in the community as a ‘safe haven’ for Optometric referrals.  Her work has been exemplary both in the office and out in the field, helping to build many strong bridges from our Laser Center to the Metro DC Optometric community.


The Vanguard Optometrist of the Year recognizes the best and most outstanding VOA active member.  The recipient is selected for their special leadership, innovative thinking, executive and organizational skills, offering of new ideas, substantive contributions, and effort to the practice as well as the VOA and community and civic or other duties.   Dr Burr was nominated for this award as well, however due to her numerous years of service already, she was unable to “qualify” as the winner of the Vanguard award.

I personally want to congratulate Dr Burr on a fantastic accomplishment!   It is very satisfying to have hard work and dedication noticed and then awarded.   Dr Burr has a great sense of loyalty to her profession of Optometry, and she has earned the recognition of her peers and others as well.

On behalf of our staff at TLC Tysons Corner, the affiliate network of Optometrists in  Northern Virginia, Metro Washington DC and the Maryland Suburbs, congratulations to Dr Burr on the accomplishment and recognition.  The Virginia Optometric Association made the right choice with this award and they are lucky to have her working on their behalf  (and so is TLC Tysons!).

Congratulations and best of luck to Dr. Burr!