Question & Answer with Dr. Holzman

Dr. Holzman answers questions frequently from eye care providers and patients about why he does what he does in his refractive procedures.  He is an expert in his field and takes every opportunity to educate others on best practices in order to give you the best visual outcome possible. Read his question and answer below:

What are some risk factors that make a patient more prone to having dry eyes post-LASIK?  How does using Restasis proactively help these patients?   

Patients at higher risk for post-op dry eyes include patients that: have problems with their contact lenses, experience burning or stinging late in the day, have larger palpebral fissures, are over the age of 40, are female, have hyperopic prescriptions, or use medications known to contribute to dryness, like anti-depressants or anti-histamines.  We use Restasis pre-op for a few weeks and continue it post-op for a few months.  Restasis reduces inflammation in the lacrimal gland and likely also at the level of the conjunctival goblet cells.  This allows for a more healthy ocular surface and more consistent post op results.