When asked about our staff at TLC Tysons Corner, several words come to mind. Loyal, Dedicated, Caring, Competent and Friendly are some of the many attributes which our staff members possess.

Loyalty is usually measured in years of service, and this group has many of those for sure. However, there is also great loyalty to our mission. That mission is providing the highest quality of care while also providing outstanding service to all of our Laser Vision Correction patients. We have two patient counselors and one front desk administrator that guide our patients through the process. Pam Heishman is the full time Patient Counselor and answers all questions and logistical issues that the patient may have. She is terrific- she can handle so many important tasks and always has a smile on her face. We are incredibly lucky to have her. Kristina O’Neill is a part time Patient Counselor, and handles all of our internet inquiries. She is dependable and highly motivated to make sure that the process is seamless from inquiry to examination. We can count on her to make the internet an easier place to navigate for our patients. Elizabeth (Lyzzy) Jensen is the glue that holds the office together. If someone needs something, Lyzzy is the first to ask. She greets the patients with a pleasant hello on the way in and makes sure that they are seen in a timely fashion. Lyzzy also will be there to give a congratulatory smile on the way out. She is dependable and highly competent in many ways.

Dedication is hard to find in employees today, but not in our Laser Center. The entire staff is fully dedicated to making the patient feel comfortable, from a warm greeting upon entering the office, all the way through to the end of the Vision Correction procedure with hearty congratulations offered. They are also dedicated to making sure that every single detail of the data we collect is scrutinized not once or twice, but at least three times before we enter any data into the laser systems. Charts are meticulously policed for any warning signs that the patient may not be a perfect candidate. These tasks are taken very seriously. Dr. Tina Burr is our Clinical Director and has been with us for over 5 years. She is not only the head of the “chart police” team, but also handles all clinical matters in the office. Dr Burr handles our pre-op, post-op and consultative medical needs in the office and is absolutely the hardest working doctor I have ever been associated with. Her dedication is incredible. Dr Burr is always striving to be the very best and she takes great pride in her work. I am lucky to have her working in our office. We are very proud to have her working for us at TLC Tysons Corner, and our patients absolutely love her.

The surgical team is tasked with handling the patients in the OR, the Laser settings and surgical protocols, and keeping me in line also! ( Not sure which is the hardest task of those three :)) Maria Oettinger has been my right hand for 11 years now and she embodies loyalty and dedication. Her attention to detail and incredible level of both competency and caring make her the perfect surgical technician. I am blessed to have her in control of that OR. Jennifer Phung, another surgical technician, might be the most positive, upbeat and do-it-all person I have ever met. Her friendly, outgoing demeanor is infectious to all of our staffers, and our patients also. She is always ready to provide a helping hand to make the procedure easier and your day brighter. Eleni Katsikes is our younger version of both Maria and Jennifer. Although Eleni hasn’t been with us as long, she can handle all the surgical and clinical tasks in the office easily, and do so with great competence and a friendly smile on her face also. The staff and patients all enjoy spending time with Eleni.

Tony Alberts is our Office Manager. He oversees the busiest TLC consultation office nationwide (Tysons Corner) and handles the task with both competence and a calm demeanor. Tony is also a very capable technician, and really a “jack of all trades”. He is always willing and able to lend a hand when it is necessary. We are very happy to have Tony as our day to day leader. Last, but certainly not least, Joan Reich is our Professional Relations Consultant, and has been working with me for many years. Joan is remarkably loyal and dedicated to her job, and has basically defined the job for others to follow. Joan handles all of our referring Doctor’s needs, and makes sure that our affiliate network of Eye Care Professionals have all the tools necessary to make a Laser Vision referral. This is very important, and insures that the patient’s care is highly coordinated between our center and the referring Doctor’s offices. We certainly owe a great deal of appreciation to Joan as her efforts have helped build the largest and most loyal referral network of Doctors in the country!

Come see us at TLC Tysons Corner! We are committed to insuring that your visual outcomes are outstanding, your process is easy and comfortable, and your happiness is everlasting!