TLC Tysons Corner was recently honored for having the most creative LASIK patients in the world! OK. To be honest, I gave this award to us myself, but that should not detract from the legitimacy of the esteemed title. And, here’s proof.

Recently, a LASIK patient and I discovered that we actually had mutual friends. So cool … especially when you consider that I don’t have that many friends. : )

When I mentioned an upcoming trip to Moab, he immediately thought of good childhood memories. I actually ended up missing my trip (a really weird airline experience, actually), but boy, did this photo make up for it! On the Monday that was to have been my return from a fun vacation, I found a message from our technologically-gifted patient that said: “Also, how was Moab? Did you see me and Dr. Holzman?” with the following picture attached …


For someone that hardly ever truly LOL’s, I sure did on this one!

All you other creative TLC Tysons Corner LASIK and PRK patients:  Where have you and your surgeon been lately?

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