Having LASIK surgery was the best decision in my life. Even though I work with Dr. Holzman, I know he loves what he does and he is great at it. I was very excited and grateful when he fixed my eyes 2.5 years ago. I couldn’t wait to have that feeling of waking up and not having to reach for my coke bottle glasses or guess my way to the bathroom to stick in my contacts. I woke up after my nap and i couldn’t believe my eyes, no pun intended!! Everything I was seeing was not a blurry mess anymore. I couldn’t wait to drive to work the next day and let everyone know how great i was doing. By having this surgery I was able to experience new things without the hassle of contacts and glasses. But, the one thing I love is Dr. Holzman was able to vanish a routine in my daily life. I couldn’t be more thankful for the skill, knowledge and ability for him to create miracles. He is changing peoples lives everyday. Thank you!