What is a lifetime commitment for your LASIK or PRK procedure?

A lifetime commitment to your vision is an important thing for you to understand before your commit to having your LASIK or PRK procedure.  Dr. Holzman and  TLC Laser Eye Centers do have a lifetime commitment for your refractive surgery procedure.   You are an active participant in this lifetime commitment to your vision.  We have set follow up appointments as well as an annual eye exam.    Your follow up visits and your annual eye exam keep you and us aware of your eye health.  After your procedure you will have at least 6 follow up appointments; 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. After your 1 year anniversary, you will need to continue having annual eye exams with your TLC affiliated optometrist.  This is important not only to evaluate your refractive surgery recovery but also to promote and ensure overall eye health.

The importance of the annual eye exam is a requirement of the TLC Lifetime Commitment. We know the choice to have LASIK or PRK is life changing.  So take comfort in the fact that if an enhancement is deemed clinically necessary at some point, your annual exams will help to qualify you for the enhancement at no charge.  The Lifetime commitment is a commitment to help you achieve and maintain your best visual outcome and to make sure that you are protecting your overall eye health.  Our goal is to make you 20/HAPPY and to keep you protected from having to pay for any enhancements that may be needed in the future.

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