What technology does Dr. Holzman use to perform LASIK?

Dr. Holzman is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and he only uses FDA approved technology in his practice.  There are two steps to the LASIK procedure.  The first step is the creation of a corneal flap.  Dr. Holzman uses the IntraLase laser to perform Bladeless LASIK to create the corneal flap.  The Intralase technology allows Dr. Holzman to customize the corneal flap for each individual patient.   Recent studies conducted on the IntraLase technology suggest that it is possible to treat some of those who were previously unable to have LASIK surgery due to thin corneas. For those who cannot have LASIK, PRK is recommended if they are a good candidate.  With LASIK A hinge is left at one end of the corneal flap.  Once the flap is created, it is then folded back, revealing the stroma which is the middle section of the cornea.  The Intralase is a femtosecond  laser that is used to create a series of tiny closely arranged bubbles within the cornea that separate the epithelium from the stroma.

The second part of your LASIK procedure is the reshaping of the exposed cornea.   Dr. Holzman reshapes the cornea with the Allegretto Wavelight laser or the VISX Star laser depending on which laser will give you your best corrected visual outcome.  Both the Allegreto Wavelight and the VISX Star are excimer Lasers.  An excimer laser uses a cool beam of light to reshape the cornea (front surface of the eye).  When reshaping the cornea the light angle as it enters the eye is able to focus correctly on the retina. The images to be more sharply focused.   Vision recovery is quick, and there is little or no post-operative pain.

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