Could you please pass this on to Dr. Holzman, Kristina, and everyone else who was involved with my case over the past couple of weeks. I just wanted to say that I have never felt more confidence in a group of people I was depending on before an upcoming stressful event. You and everyone else there were just SO professional, So friendly, and So competent. I knew alot walking in from my own research, but without exception, virtually all of my questions were answered, completely, and in terms that I, the patient, could understand. And Dr. Holzman simply exuded confidence! He is one of those Rare individuals who has seemed to have found his true calling in life! My hat is off to all of you! I paid you some few dollars, but what I received in exchange, you just cannot put a price on that… Clearly, I got the better end of the deal!

I will be writing a more formal review for your books in a month or so the old fashioned way (on paper) in case you would like to add it to you growing list of satisfied patients.

With many thanks, and Much appreciation,

Mike Oncale