Anything worth doing is worth evaluating!

Anything worth doing is worth evaluating!  Have you heard this saying before?  I heard it recently and thought, this really is true of many things in life.  It is especially applicable to making a decision to have an elective surgery procedure.  The reality for a person who is trying to decide if elective refractive eye surgery such as PRK or LASIK is right for them- there is work required.  You do need to evaluate if having the procedure is the best option for your individual vision needs.  There is Blade-less LASIK, there is LASIK with a microkeratome.  You can correct your vision with glasses and contact lenses.  You can opt for having LASIK or PRK but before you do, we encourage EVERY patient to consider and weigh the risks versus the benefits to you personally.  We continue to write this blog to help guide patient’s in their decision to have this life changing procedure.

Refractive eye surgery for many is a huge leap of faith! You are releasing control and trusting your vision to your doctor and his team.  So – back to the comment “Anything worth doing is worth evaluating”.  Do not go just on a surgeon’s words that he or she is the “best” refractive surgeon in the area.  Go on doing the work!  Evaluate the surgeon skill, his or her results and confidence level in the procedure, and his team that he or she surrounds themselves with.  There are many things to consider when looking into refractive surgery.  LASIK and PRK are incredibly successful procedures – but they do require surgeon skill and understanding the technology involved.  The two go hand in hand.  Successful LASIK and PRK procedure outcomes happen because you have done your research and your surgeon and their team have done the work and continue to strive for nothing short of excellence.  So research and evaluate away!  We welcome that in our practice…we encourage it!

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