Can I have laser eye surgery for high hyperopia with a Prescription of +7.00?

Unfortunately, the answer for this high of a hyperopic prescription is no. It is important to note that we get great results with the Allegretto laser for hyperopia but we only treat up to +4.50 and the patient is under 50 years old.  Otherwise the choice is usually lens surgery, like a clear lens extraction and IOL placement.  This is what the +7.00 prescription would need.  Hyperopic LASIK is great but there can be a greater issue with dry eyes and potential for glare.

Dr. Holzman does many preoperative preparation to minimize these things.  He has patients use Restasis, which helps your eyes produce more natural tears.  We also have patients use artificial tears which are over the counter products that can provide temporary relief from dry eye.  PRK has been shown to disrupt even fewer corneal nerves in the periphery than IntraLase, so if a patient has moderate to severe dry eye pre-op, PRK may be more appropriate.  However, with the use of Restasis, omega three fish oils and lubricants like Refresh Optive Advanced pre-op, many of these patients do quite well with LASIK.  Dr. Holzman use Muro 128 ointment on some patients who have a greater risk of dry eyes.  Check out Dr. Holzman’s article about Muro 128 to find out more.  Basically, Dr. Holzman wants to do whatever he can to ensure the best results possible for every patient.

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