Thought we would share this patient testimonial. Sometimes patients ask about other patient’s experience so here you go!
Dr. Holzman,

Everything is wonderful, my wife and I watched a movie last night (plenty of blinking/drops) and the detail is incredible with my eyes! The LASIK procedure will truly benefit me in my day to day life. The level of comfort without using glasses is just fantastic.

I will be sure to leave positive feedback to Yelp, everything regarding TLC has been top notch. The staff there were welcoming and ready to assist in any way. They were personable making for a great atmosphere. It was very positive to hear from you, to ensure everything was OK or to see if I had any after care questions. I will be sure to send anyone to TLC in the future if I have the opportunity knowing they will receive the same great care as I did.

Many Thanks,

D. Dukes

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