Did anyone get in their car this morning look at the clock….and panic that you are an hour late for work?  I did!  Even after our Tyson’s Corner Clinical Director, Dr. Jen Weigel, O.D told me a cute story about a patient who is a mother of two children.  She was in this past Friday for her Laser vision correction procedure.  This sweet mom was excited to be having the procedure, but she was even more excited about getting to take an hour long nap.  What could be better than that?  Dr. Weigel then said remember, we want you to take a 3 hour nap as soon as you get home.   So Dr. Weigel quickly told this mom who seemed overjoyed by a nap that she was actually getting 4 extra hours of sleep because of daylight saving time change.  It was as if the Heavens opened!  While I would not say I would have laser vision correction so that you can get some extra sleep, I will say I know what it is to have 3 children whom all need your most immediate attention which is why this story makes me smile.  Some of the happiest refractive surgery patients are those who know they are getting ready to have their vision corrected so that they can see with no contacts or eyeglasses and then they are instructed to go home and sleep for 3 hours.  Are you kidding – that is the cherry on top!  Happy Time change Monday friends!

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