Can I have LASIK and still participate in contact sports?

I am scheduled to have the LASIK procedure to correct my astigmatism and myopia.  I am concerned because someone told me that the LASIK procedure will permanently weaken my cornea and I will be unable to do contact sports like boxing, is this true?  I was told by my doctor that I should choose PRK if I want to practice a sport like boxing.  What is the safer option for me?

When Dr. Holzman performs the LASIK procedure he creates a corneal flap.  The concern with contact sports and the LASIK procedure is that you could get hit in the eye and potentially dislodge this flap.  This can be avoided to a degree with proper eye protection during contact sports activities.

Most surgeons recommend that if you are going to participate in heavy contact sports, such as boxing, that a technique which doesn’t involve the creation of a flap be performed.  If you are going to participate in contact sports, surface laser treatments(LASEK, PRK, Epi-LASIK) are the safer options.  Playing contact sports does not rule you out as a good candidate for the LASIK procedure depending on what contact sports you participate in. Dr. Holzman will discuss that you may be at a higher risk for a potential post procedure complication after LASIK because contact sports put athletes at a higher risk of injury in general.  You will need to plan on recovery time away from your sport for at least a two-week time frame for post operative recovery depending on the sport you play.

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