Today was another great day performing Custom LASIK laser vision correction with the Intralase down at the Charlottesville, VA TLC office. Ii am the Medical Director of our Laser center there, and we have a great staff that makes the day so enjoyable! Wendy and Dee are the Operating room technicians and are fantastic– very competent and friendly as well, they make a great team and handle the patients very professionally. I love working with them both. They make the procedure stress free for the patients and help me to keep the atmosphere light in the operating room, while maintaining total professionalism, Maria is the office admin director and she is so nice! All the patients love her and so do I. She is from South Florida originally and we love talking about our prior lives down there. Dr Stephen Crawford is the Clinical Director, the Optometrist who sees our consults and post ops in house. He is very diligent, and most professional. His knowledge base is very strong and has been in the LASIK industry for many years. Mr John Ball is the office manager and he runs a tight ship! It is the reason that there is such great efficiency there, patients hardly ever wait! Today, I operated on a Police Officer from Harrisonburg, Va, a lovely postal carrier (a grandma!), from Charlottesville, a systems analyst from Ruckersville, a super friendly mom of 3 young children from Roanoke, and many others.. TLC Charlottesville has the best LASIK experience you can ask for, a friendly caring staff, an experienced, specialized surgeon and the most advanced technology. We use only BLADELESS LASIK there, eliminating the need for the old, bladed device when making a LASIK flap. We are the ONLY center in Charlottesville with the BLADELESS technology (known as INTRALASE or ILASIK). We also use CUSTOMVUE Wavefront guided Laser correction, the market leader in vision correction and the proven gold standard. This is the technology devised 7 years ago (since upgraded many times) which allows for crisp vision, the best possible, while reducing evening glare issues as well. We are the ONLY center in Charlottesville with the CUSTOM technology ! As for experience, I have done well over 50,000 vision correction surgeries, and haven’t used a bladed procedure in over 7 years. WE have a LIFETIME Guarantee on your vision correction and a nationwide network of specialists in most states that can see you for no additional fees if you move out of town. CHARLOTTESVILLE TLC is clearly the best choice and most experienced LASIK center for miles and miles!!