Dr. Holzman has been using Muro ointment as preop preparation for 10 years.  Many patients want to know the reason why.  In a recent Ophthamology Times article Dr. Holzman’s study of using preoperative muro ointment was accepted and published.  Dr. Holzman determined that by using Muro ointment 1 week prior to surgery there is less epithelial disruption.  Epithelial disruption is estimated to occur in 2% to 10% of LASIK cases and may lead to prolonged recovery time.  Analyses suggest risks inflenced by such factors that include aga and rosacia.  Dr. Holzman instructs all patients age 35 and older, as well as patients with rosacia, fair features such as red hair, and patients with rosacia to begin putting muro ointment in starting 1 week prior to their surgery date.  Dr. Holzman also concluded that patients whose ephitheliam is loose should undergo PRK instead of LASIK.  Most patients really dislike using the Muro ointment, but are happy to hear about it’s purpose of preparing the cornea prior to surgery.  Dr. Holzman also uses epithellium friendly drops both preoperatively and post operative which help prepare the cornea for treatment.  When our team discusses what sets us a part from other laser centers in the area – this is mentioned.  Dr. Holzman addresses every potential risk with the patient to ensure a positive surgical outcome.  Dr. Holzman’s goal from the start is to ensure that you are a good candidate for LASIK  or PRK.  He wants you as the patient to be educated on your procedure and wants you to know that he does go above and beyond to manage any risk that may be specific to you regarding you procedure.