As a patient consultant, I hear the question often “Did you have  the LASIK procedure“? My answer is no because I do not need it. I have 20/20 vision naturally. When I tell patients this I get the same reaction…”You are so lucky”! I realize when I hear your perspectives for why you want the procedure that I am lucky. We see moms and dads who have broken glasses from their children grabbing them, or soldiers who are fighting for our freedom wearing contact lenses in Iraq, we have athletes who want rid themselves of contacts and glasses. We see patients who have worn glasses for 25 to 30 years. There are so many reasons people want to have laser vision correction – these are just a few. What I can say confidently is that after working for Dr. Holzman for the past 10 years and seeing how his patients are so thankful for their new vision following the procedure, is that if I ever did need the procedure I would trust my eyes to him!! Dr. Holzman is always challenging us as his team to know the technology and what the best practices are for our patients. There are no short cuts or quick fixes. We as a team enjoy working with Dr. Holzman and each other to give you the best experience possible. You are with us for a year doing post-op visits after your procedure…you become a part of our practice. We love to hear about your families and how your vision has truly given you a better quality of life. We hope you as our patients feel that you are cared for by the best. We care so much about your comfort and your patient care. To go with you on your journey to better vision no matter what your reason is for having laser vision correction is a privilege that none of us take for granted. So thank you for all of your thank you notes and for the time you take to express your gratitude to Dr. Holzman and our team…we appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you!