Thank you so much for the picture! I am a HUGE fan of your office and Dr. Holzman. I had such a wonderful experience from start to finish. The staff at your office was so sweet and caring. The personal touches that each person I came into contact with made me feel so at ease with the procedure. Dr. Holzman was awesome! He was so much fun in the procedure room. I look back and remember laughing during the procedure, and it was not just the happy pill. I also remember the nurse putting the nemo on my stomach and thinking oh I dont need this when in fact it was actually really comforting. Every detail was well thought out and the extra mile you all go is just fabulous. I really cannot rave enough! I tell everyone who I come in contact with that your office and Dr. Holzman were amazing! I tell them about all the wonderful things you all did for me before, during and after the procedure. Having the famous Dr. Holzman call me after my surgery to check on me made me feel that you all still run a big business but you have not lost the personal touch! I was shocked that the man I hear about all over the radio was so down to earth and fun and he even called me to check on me! That was the icing on the cake, please thank him for me!

My vision to date is 20/15!! I see better now than I did with my glasses!My eye doctor said that Dr. Holzman just did a fabulous job and the flapcould not be cleaner. Ijust had my 1 month check up andshe said everything looks textbook perfect!! SO HAPPY!! I still go to reach for my glasses out of habit every oncein a while and just smile and think of my experience at TLC.Thank you for giving me a gift that I will never forget where it came from and the wonderful experience you gave to me! I am very grateful! Thank you!

A RAVING fan!!