TLC Tysons Corner presented a dynamic lecture by Drs. Andrew Holzman and Jon Solomon covering treatment options for patients with keratoconus this past Thursday.  For the invited optometrists, there have been limited options for vision correction and management of keratoconus up until now.  This summer, things are about to change in a big way with the introduction of a new FDA-approved corneal cross-linking study for which both surgeons serve as investigators.

Dr. Jon Solomon discussed corneal cross-linking as a viable treatment option for those with keratoconus.  In this process, the cornea is saturated with Riboflavin then exposed to a UVA light for a specified period of time.  This FDA study will examine the efficacy of the corneal cross-linking process and determine an optimal treatment time.  When corneal cross-linking is finally approved by the FDA, it should prove to be a great addition to the treatment options available to keratonconus patients who often have significant vision issues secondary to their eye condition.

Dr. Holzman presented a more in-depth discussion of one surgical treatment that is currently available for keratoconus patients.  Intacs are corneal ring segments that are inserted into the cornea in order to stabilize the cornea.  Dr. Holzman is always a big fan of customizing treatment options for each patient based on their individual case.  As a corneal specialist, Dr. Holzman recognizes that not everyone can or should have corneal cross-linking.  Some patients might benefit well from simple observation, others might be better candidates for Intacs, while others might require a corneal transplant.

This lecture underscored the rapidly-changing field of keratoconus management.  There really has not been so much focus on this important disorder before.  I look forward to being able to work with Drs. Holzman and Solomon as we provide treatment options that were not readily available to keratoncous patients until now.


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