In case you were wondering wheredoctors in the area send their friends and family for LASIK surgery, we just want you to rest easy and feel confident that we all choose Dr. Andrew Holzman.

I’m from Houston, Texas, originally and have many friends and colleagues that would have performed LASIK on my family gratis. However, I chose to fly my niece to theNorthern Virginia / DC area for treatment with Dr. Andrew Holzman.

I see most of his post operative patients and know that he has the cleanest and best looking flaps in this region and maybe in the country. I see daily that his patients have fantastic visual outcomes and have no complications. Wouldn’t you want your family member to experience that too?

Last January, I flew my niece toNOVA/DC to have surgery with Dr. Holzman. She stayed out of her contacts for two weeks while still at home in Texas (she goes to school in Austin). Once here, I did herpre operative eye exam and she had her surgery a couple of days after that. She stayed with me over her winter break for a week while she recovered and I was able to take her snowboarding for the first time in her life. She experienced learning how to snowboard glasses and contact lens free!

I’ve visited her several times since this winter and she always tells me, “Aunt Tina,LASIK was the best thing that ever happened to me and thank you for the wonderful gift”.

Her brother, my nephew, is planning on having his surgery over this winter break. Now we all can go snowboarding glasses and contact lens free!!!