Why is your price different from the price of other LASIK centers in the Washington DC metropolitan area?  If I do PRK will the surgery cost less?  Does insurance cover any of the cost for LASIK or PRK?  These are just a few questions I hear from our patients who are beginning the process of researching Dr. Andrew Holzman , TLC Tyson’s center,  and refractive eye surgery to get rid of contacts and glasses for good.  These questions are guaranteed to come up during the patient consultation appointment.  I have worked in the field of laser vision correction for 15 years now and the above questions are always on the forefront of the patient’s mind.  The cost for LASIK and PRK can vary for many reasons.  Our fee is not the lowest price you will find, but it is also not the highest.  If you ask about our pricing you will get an honest answer.  Our fee for LASIK or PRK is $4990.00.  This fee includes all of your pre operative and post operative appointments, as well as a Lifetime Commitment to your vision.  Many Laser centers in our area offer procedures based on how high your prescription is, if you have astigmatism, and how much post-op care is needed.  The lower the price is,  most likely means that the center charges the patient for the initial surgery and very little post operative appointments.  This also means that there is no Lifetime commitment contract for you, so if you need a enhancement later on down the road, you will pay  to have it done.    You are also paying for the experience of your surgeon, the experience of the team assisting you, and for the technology being used.  Dr. Holzman is available to you throughout your procedure and your post operative care.  For many, The corrective cost of laser eye surgery is not just monetary.  If not done correctly by an experienced surgeon and team, the cost can be a physical cost too.  Dr. Holzman has preformed over 50,000 refractive surgeries and is available to meet with patients throughout the entire process from the initial consultation to the post operative appointments.  The staff at TLC Tyson’s is committed to our patients.  Everyone is passionate about giving you the best care possible.  We truly are like a family.  We enjoy working with each other and with our patients.   Dr. Holzman uses the best technology available.  He does the all-laser treatment, which is using the Intralase laser to create the flap and the VISX Star 4 Custonview Waveprint or the Allegretto Wave laser to reshape the cornea.  Dr. Holzman believes strongly that the patient must be fully educated on the procedure before they can be cleared to have the surgery performed.    Dr. Andrew Holzman and the TLC Tyson’s staff care deeply for you – our patients.  We are committed to you having the best experience possible throughout your time with us.  LASIK or PRK is a surgery and we want you to know all of the risks and benefits of the procedure before you go forward with the procedure.  You are welcome at any time during the process to ask questions and meet with our doctors.  You should not choose your LASIK or PRK surgeon based on the lowest pricing.  You should choose your LASIK or PRK surgeon based on the surgeons skill, reputation in the community, the technology used, and the length of time that the surgeon has been performing the procedures.  You only get one set of eyes, so trust them to the best!  Dr. Holzman and the TLC Tyson’s team will walk you through the entire process.  We are excited to work in a medical field that is happy!  We love to see our patient’s excitement as they walk out of the surgical suite after just having LASIK or PRK and they are so amazed and thrilled at how easy the surgery was and how great they could see. Come in and check us out on your own with a complimentary consultation to determine if your are a good candidate.  We hope to hear from you soon!