I am operating monday-friday, all day, every day in January. Why so busy? well, mainly Flex Spending accounts for a huge percentage of our seasonal boost every january, but this year it is busier than the last 3. maybe post op patients are getting the word out that we really are the best! maybe our good will and professional approach to this procedure has gotten people talking. Whatever the reason, we are greatly appreciative of your business. TLC in Rockville, Tysons Corner and Charlottesville are all working very hard this month to make many people very happy! I often think how lucky i am to be able to meet at least 20 new people every day and profoundly impact and improve their lives forever. I don’t take this lightly, it is a big responsibility and I feel blessed to be able to provide a great service. Of course we use the best technology available with the INTRALASE, VISX CustomVue (ILASIK) and also the Allegretto Wavelight laser. But it goes further than that. I am busy but DONT think that we act like robots and make you feel rushed. NO WAY! my personal mission (and my coworkers) is to make your visit the best visit ever to any doctor. We want you to feel comfortable and I want to get to know each and every patient. I like chatting with each patient, before and during surgery, to keep everyone comfortable and to keep the atmosphere ‘light’. I like to get to know what you do, what your interests are, and we usually have some very interesting conversation, even during the surgery. I will not let you be scared!!! this past week, I met State Department employees from Ashburn and Springfield, a Veterinarian from Burke, Va, many lawyers from all over the metro area, but most from Washington DC, and several military that lived in Alexandria and Mclean va. I met an actress from Silver Spring, a Pilot from Potomac and a symphony orchestra player (bassoon) from Northern Virginia.. They all had ALL LASER LASIK and did fantastic. I wish you all a happy 2011. Stay warm and healthy and come to us for a visit to see if you are a great candidate for the procedure. We are very careful and will only perform a procedure if we know you will do well. Best, Dr Holzman