Good Evening,

I am so grateful that you’ve been in contact with me, both the evening after the procedure, until now…a couple of weeks after the surgery. I felt like you guys took the time for me, personally, and quieted my fears until it was over.

My healing has progressed quite nicely. I’m sure my husband got tired of me saying “I think something is wrong” each time I dealt with a slight vision change-which I know is normal during the healing process:-)

On my post-op appointment the day after surgery, on the chart, I was only 2 letters short of being 20/15…on the 2nd day!!! One of the letters I missed with a “D,” which looks like an “O.” So, I’m pretty proud of that fact, even though, you are the reason for that!

I’ve told many people the experience I had with TLC. Everyone, during each step of the process was amazing!! Today, I even talked to one of my colleagues who is contemplating the procedure….about my experience.

Anyway, I have commented on your Facebook page and I hope that many more take that leap of faith, because it’s so worth it.

I’ve taken enough time:-) I hope you have a great day!
K Dove