Golf season is right around the corner!  Have you ever thought that maybe your vision might be the one thing that is holding you back from performing at your best?

If your vision was corrected could you be taking your game to a whole new level?  You have heard about professional athletes doing eye performance visual skills training to improve their visual skills.  How many times do you say the mantra “keep your eye on the ball” when you swing your club?

You have probably addressed things like aerobic capacity, endurance, muscle tone, strength and flexibility. In golf and really so many sports it really boils down to being able to recognize a split-second’s timing that can make all the difference, exceptional visual skills are a must. There are studies to show that professional athletes have better depth perception, hand-eye coordination and other visual skills than non-athletes.  That’s where sports vision training can take you from good to exceptional with a program that trains your vision to a point where you can excel in your particular sport.

Sports vision training can enhance eye movement skills, eye focusing skills, peripheral vision, visual memory, visual tracking, visual concentration, speed of recognition, reaction times, dynamic visual acuity, fixation, binocularity, visual memory, visual endurance and stamina.  These programs can help you slow the game down in your mind because the ball appears to be bigger and move slower because you are visually tracking the ball better.

Visual training programs do work and can help people with good visual acuity to begin with.  LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures can help you achieve your best corrected vision without the reliance upon contact lenses or glasses.

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