Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Dr. Holzman and TLC Vision

Remember to wear green today so you will not get pinched! I remember in grade school when I would forget to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day I would use the excuse that my eyes are green so I was good. No pinching me!  My eyes are actually Hazel and St. Patrick’s day always reminds me to love my hazel eyes.   Your eye color depends on the type and the amount of pigment in the Iris.  The color of the Iris can vary from the least common color which is green, to the most common color which is  brown.  Some people believe that the color of your eyes are a clue to your personality, or the “window to your soul.”

People with hazel eyes are thought to have a personality with the combination of compassion, they encompass the healing qualities of people with green eyes, with the sensitivity of people with gray eyes, and they posses the inner strength and independence of those with brown eyes, with the intense vitality of a person with blue eyes.  Personally, I have always wished that I had blue eyes but I must admit that my hazel eyes have served me well every St. Patrick’s Day and with the description above of those who have hazel eyes…I am sold!  I love my hazel eyes and would not change them for a second!  After all, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.”  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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