I posted a few weeks ago about Kirk Cousins and his fiance  having their LASIK procedures with Dr. Holzman and the TLC Tyson’s Corner team.  Our clinical director, Dr. Jen Weigel, OD shared her thoughts about Kirk Cousins and her experience with meeting with him.  Read her thoughts:

“I wanted to brag about how cool Kirk Cousins was on each of his visits to our center.  You’d think that as a professional football player, well, that he’d be holier than thou.  But, could his parents have raised a nicer, more respectful young man?!?!  I am really proud of how he’s chosen to represent himself.  It’s probably not the easiest thing to be a solid, positive role model for others, but he’s definitely setting the bar high for other athletes.

My most favorite memory is when he took the time to visit with one of our youngest “employees”.  Ok, he is really a staff member’s son, and he had to visit us for the day because of the unexpected school cancellation, one of many for the area this winter.  Kirk took the time to chat with our littlest employee.  They posed for pictures.  And, when we realized that the pictures were blurry, Kirk, who was already almost out the door, came back to pose for another set of – clear! – pictures with our star-struck kiddo.  What kind of celebrity athlete would have taken the time or cared to do that?  He could have walked right out like he hadn’t heard us, but nope.  He really took the time to make a lasting impression on us all.

Great job, Kirk!  It’s really cool to have you play for our home team!  – jw”

Dr. Weigel spends much of her time educating patient’s on laser vision correction and is so committed to helping others with understanding the procedure and how it changes people’s quality of life for better.  Thank you Dr. Weigel for sharing your thoughts with all of us on meeting Kirk Cousins and for your commitment to helping others with new vision!

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