Nothing is better than being able to let someone know that their wish has
come true. They have been deemed a candidate for Laser Vision Correction.
It’s definitely a life changer. So many people come in nervous with fingers
crossed, hoping to get the answer that they have waited years to find out.
They know that there’s a chance that they may not be a good candidate for LASIK. They
don’t want to be dissapointed now that they’ve gotten the umph to come in.
You can see the excitement on their face when they’re told that they are
good to procede.

Second best moment is on surgery day when a patient sits up and looks around
smiling from ear to ear. You can tell that they’re happy and relieved. They
can see!  Some patients are just speechless and shed tears of joy. Thank you
is uttered numerous times. Sometimes they just want to hug Dr. Holzman.

Being able to assist in giving patients the gift of sight…..You couldn’t
ask for a better job.