Dr. Holzman,

Thank you so much for checking in.  Things are going great following the procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to have laser vision correction.  I have not experienced any pain or discomfort and my vision seems to be settling in nicely.  Since the procedure I can only think of two instances where my vision was a little blurry when I woke up in the morning and on both occasions the blurriness did not last long.  My vision is far better now than it ever was before even with contacts and glasses.  I never imagined it was possible to see the world with the sharpness and clarity that I now do… amazing!

I would especially like to thank you for making the procedure as relaxing as possible.  Your laid back demeanor is an invaluable asset that complements your tremendous skill as a doctor perfectly.  With Umphrey’s McGee and Phish playing in the background it seemed less like I was undergoing a surgical procedure and more like I was just hanging out (however the uncomfortable device used to hold the eyes steady was a reminder that surgery was in fact taking place!)
I have already highly recommended you to every person that has asked me about my experience and be certain that I will continue to do so.  The entire staff at TLC Tysons Corner have been amazing and have helped make this process extremely pleasant.  I look forward to seeing you at Tower Oaks some day.
Thanks Again,
Ryan Jerdon