On your surgery day you will come into the center and we will give you a form that has a detailed description of your instructions, as well as a chart where you can check off the bubbles as you put each eye drop in.  You will need to arrange transportation for the day of your Lasik surgery, as we give you a Xanax which is similar to a valium so you will not be allowed to drive yourself home.  Dr. Holzman will send you home with strict instructions to rest for the first 3 hours following surgery because you will go through a phase of a burning and tearing sensation within about 15 minutes following your procedure when our numbing drops wear off.  You will be given instructions on the medicated eye drops to help prevent infection and inflammation.  We give all of our patients a comfort drop to use on the car ride home or before the 3 hour nap if needed.  If you do not need the comfort drop we instruct you to throw it away and do not use it following he nap.

During the first few days following Lasik, you will may feel some eye irritation and tearing. You must avoid rubbing your eye and eyelid. Your eyes may also be sensitive to light and your vision may fluctuate for the first few days.  Most patients are able to drive and maintain regular activities at 1 day post op, however we leave the decision to drive up to your comfort and discretion.

You will have a checkup appointment one day following your surgery. Our doctor will examine your eyes and test your vision.  The complete healing time after Lasik is usually about six months. We follow our patients closely so understand that you will have several scheduled follow-up visits to check the progress of your recovery. Your follow-up appointments are critical to your full recovery and vision and must not be neglected.  We want to monitor you for 1 year post operatively to ensure you get to your best vision possible!