I can see! Getting Lasik done by Dr. Holzman at TLC Laser Eye Center was one of the absolute best decisions of my life. My vision was pretty bad and I’d often thought about getting lasik, but felt really anxious about it. I finally thought I would just check it out (without committing to anything). When I asked my sister who did her surgery, she told me it was Dr. Holzman and that he was absolutely amazing. I posted on Facebook asking for recommendations and at least 10 people told me Dr. Holzman had done their surgery and that he was the absolute best. Nearly everyone I knew who had Lasik done had gone to him, and they all reported wonderful experiences. At that point I knew I had to at least give it a shot. I visited for a consultation and immediately liked the people there. Not only was it a very professional and reputable center, but the price was also very reasonable. Having worn contacts for more than 20 years, and having taken a specific medication in high school, my eyes were dryer than the norm. Dr. Weigel was incredibly patient with me and my dry eyes, even when the surgery had to be postponed a few times. She even emailed with me outside of work hours to help me try to get my eye drops covered by insurance, and encouraging me that it would be worth the wait. What customer service! When it came time for surgery day, I was a bit nervous. However, as soon as Dr. Holzman came into the room I felt my nerves ease. He walked me through every single step of the surgery, so that I would know exactly what to expect and how it would feel. The surgery itself took minutes and he, again, talked me through the entire process so that I wouldn’t be nervous or feel alone. It did not hurt, and knowing what to expect made it pretty easy. He even had music playing in the background. Minutes later, I sat up and the room was a little hazy. Within seconds it cleared and I could see almost perfectly! I went home and took my 3 hour nap, and when I woke up, my vision was perfect. My surgery was a week ago at this point and I no longer have any discomfort or irritation in my eyes. I cannot believe how quickly my eyes have healed and how short the recovery time was. It’s only been a week but it has been wonderful to not have to deal with contacts and glasses, and to be able to see no matter what! My eyes feel brand new and this is life-changing! Dr. Holzman was incredibly understanding, patient, and caring through the entire process, even checking in later to make sure I was recovering okay. He clearly cares about patients and is passionate about helping people see and experience life fully. I cannot express enough that Lasik is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, and there’s no question, Dr. Holzman at TLC is the best!

-Tara D.