Patient Testimonial:

It’s been a week since I had my LASIK procedure and I’m loving

it! No longer have to fuss with contacts or glasses first thing in the

morning. I can just get up and go. My greatest obstacles in deciding to

go through with LASIK was ensuring the safety and outcomes of the

procedure. After all…we are talking about YOUR EYES! A friend of

mine recommended Dr. Holzman at the TLC Tysons Corner and said she

was very happy with her results and that Dr. Holzman was THE BEST

surgeon. I decided to do my consultation and truly appreciated the time

and care the staff gave me. To compare other facilities and cost I

scheduled two appointments elsewhere but quickly decided on TLC after

those consultations. I was shocked to learn there were doctors who were

willing to do the procedure the same day of your consultation and not even mandating you were out of your contacts for two weeks prior to your

appointment. After seeing some facilities were more concerned in my

money vice my well being I decided TLC was worth the extra $$. The

financial department was great in explaining to me how the process

worked and answered all my questions and willing to work with me. Best of all, Dr. Holzman has followed up with me personally in the first week

to ensure all is well. On a final note, my regular eye doctor was thoroughly impressed with how clean my flap was at my follow up appointment. Made me feel good to know I had THE BEST team working on my eyes. Thank you

Dr. Holzman and all the staff at TLC Eye Center.

L. Eiley

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