I am looking to find some guidance on how to find what doctor is the most qualified to do my laser eye surgery. What would you recommend I look for when researching for the best doctor?

There are a few key things that we would suggest you inquire about at your consultation for determining wether laser vision correction is right for you and to help you determine who is the best surgeon to perform your refractive surgery.

Key questions we encourage patients to research is how many LASIK or PRK procedures has he or she performs monthly, What technology does the surgeon use?  Bladed or bladeless LASIK?   Where is the procedure performed and is the surgical equipment in a controlled environment and properly maintained? One of the best endorsements for a surgeon is their personal patient testimonials.  If you have a friend or family member who has had a great experience with a certain surgeon then your search should start there.  Check out your area surgeons websites and their reviews on social media.

Dr. Holzman is often invited by his peers to lecture and to teach courses on laser vision correction procedures.  He also leads and participates in studies regarding refractive surgery like corneal cross-linking.  This is also a good way to help you make your choice for your surgeon.  Is he or she actively specializing in refractive surgery?  Dr. Holzman is a board certified corneal specialist who specializes in performing LASIK and PRK refractive surgery.  Another  important key is how do you feel personally after meeting your surgeon and his team.  Are you comfortable discussing your questions and your candidacy for your surgery.  If you do not have a good feeling despite your doctor’s stellar qualifications and recommendations then you should research someone else.  When making your decision it really boils down to the above discussed things and your own confidence in your surgeon.  Having a procedure on your eyes if life changing.  LASIK and PRK are amazingly successful procedures in the right hands.  We always say are patients are active participants in the procedure.  You have to do your research and then trust!  Trust that you have done the work and made the right choice for you personally.

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