PRK from our Patient’s Perspective – A video diary from Dr. Weigel

Lori joined our TLC Tysons Corner team last year as a Surgical Consultant, and we all just immediately fell in love with her.  She had an extensive background in ophthalmology, but her concentration was mostly with cataract surgery and general ophthalmology.  When she came to TLC Tysons Corner, she adapted so quickly to the refractive world.  It’s really amazing when I look back on her time here to see how much she has mastered in this truly specialized field in such a short time.  Go, Lori!

On Thursday, she had PRK with Dr. Holzman.  Lori was kind of enough to let us document her journey starting before surgery, and we’ll touch base with her periodically as she moves through the healing process.

Here is a short interview that we did right before she started to prepare for her PRK procedure.  The videos that I’m going to post are 100% impromptu with no editing and all done in one take.  I think that provides for the most real depiction possible which, of course, provides the most valuable information.

I caught up with Lori right after her procedure to see her immediate reaction.   Again, these are these video posts are completely unscripted!

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