Dr. Holzman

Thank you for your email. I cannot describe how happy I am with the results of the procedure. My procedure was on Thursday afternoon, and after I came home and took the 3 hour nap, I was unable to get over the fact that I could see!!! Undoubtedly, my vision was cloudy and hazy, but I knew it was on a path to improvement thereafter. I had minimal discomfort through the weekend and by Tuesday, I was back in the routine of things.

Each day, I find improvements – defined by the clarity with which I see things. I always find my self asking “Was this object always like this? How did I never see the print on the window treatment before…” I swear, I see the world in a different light now. Thank you!

I have to admit that prior to the procedure, I was reluctant as I had read of all these experiences where folks were in great pain, discomfort, and above all, non-functional for weeks after the PRK. I cannot relate to their stories, as I had no complaints. The only complaint is on my end – as to why I waited this long to get my eyes corrected. I believe that the difference in our experiences are due to the pre-op regimen you put your patient on. I am sure the fish oil, vit c, and eye drops, all aid in the faster healing.

I will be visiting Dr. Athelli for my very first prescription check tomorrow. Although, not a 100% yet, I am sure my eyes will fare well at the exam. I am excited and anxious.

Thank you once again for your commitment to utmost patient care. I will be sure to post a positive review for your business on the links you have listed below.

Thanks once again!