First, I sincerely appreciate both the follow-up call (same evening as the surgery) and this follow-up e-mail from you. Quite a novelty having a Doctor actually inquire as to my post-procedure care/condition.

Second, I CANNOT say enough good things about the procedure you performed! My eyesight has NEVER (that I can recall) been this good. I have been wearing corrective lenses since I was 8 years old (that’s 37 years for those of you keeping score at home). I SEE GREAT! even my light halo effect is rapidly diminishing. This surgery has been a life-changing event for me. Doctor, I have had no complications. Tomorrow is my last day to use any medicated drops. What an awesome treatment and overall experience! In spite of my strong perscription, this procedure/experience has been exceptional, with truly amazing results! (20/15 in less than a week – BOTH eyes!)

Third, your entire staff is AWESOME! Dr. Vu-Gia and JoAnne out at the Gainesville eye center, Lizzy, Cindy, Kate and Ilena there at the Tyson’s Center; all of them treated me as if I was the most important patient (which, of course, I am, right?)! Exceptional patient care/treatment. What an excellent experience, from initial eye exam through surgery and on into follow-up visits.

Doctor Holzman, Thank you for performing this surgery. My only regret is not having this done sooner!


S. Ping