Question: I am 63 years old, is that too old for LASIK or PRK?

Answer:   I have operated successfully and without any issues on patients that are in their early 70’s, however— we have disqualified far more that age than we have cleared for surgery. We are very cautious and turn away approximately 20% of all patients for the surgery.    There are many issues that have to be resolved prior to having LASIK or PRK, and the most important is that the patient is an excellent candidate.  We have to do many tests at our Rockville LASIK laser eye center  TLC,  including 3D scanning of the eye, dry eye testing, glaucoma tests and cataract testing.   As we age, the lens of the eye can cloud and cause a cataract to form.  Many times in the 60s, the cataract may just be starting, however if it seems that the cataract will form in the next few years, cataract surgery is a much better option for you.   If we do LASIK OR PRK in Rockville TLC for you, you may see perfect distance vision but you will need reading glasses, or a mono vision approach with one eye for reading and one for distance.  With lens cataract removal and replacement lens placed, you can get a bifocal implant and not need to wear readers.   This is an important consideration.  If you are deemed to be a perfect candidate, no lens clouding, no need for bifocal implantation, etc,, than you may be able to have LASIK or PRK safely.   You may need Restasis preop for the dry eye issue, even to prevent dry eye from happening.  Bottom line, come in to our Rockvllle, Maryland laser vision center for a complete evaluation, and its free!