Q and A with Dr Holzman :   question about LASIK recovery– “Is it ok to exercise after LASIK”?   Answer:  This is frequently asked and there are many misperceptions.  LASIK is a very simple recovery and you can return to normal routines the very next day, with a few small exceptions.   The main restriction is that you are not allowed to rub or ‘bump’ the eyes.   This is easier than it sounds and you can actually exercise the day after surgery as long as you don’t rub sweat from the eyes, or bump the eyes.  For this reason, it is likely best you avoid activities that could lead to bumping the eyes, such as basketball and other team sports unless you take special precautions such as wearing sports goggles.  You also should avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks, but you can certainly get in the pool and cool off if you don’t put your head/eyes underwater.    However, jogging, ellipticals and weight training are fine, even on day 1!   Many of our Charlottesville LASIK and PRK patients are very active and we are happy to tell them they can get back to their activities quickly.