Dr. Holzman,

I love my new eyesight. I really appreciated your confidence and manner during the procedure. Thank you for telling me what you were doing and what to expect next.  Also, thank you very much for the call that Friday night. That was well-timed and a valuable check-in for me. After three or four days, my eye pain was gone. I read the 20/20 line on day one, and on day eight things are still “tightening.” Dr. Weigel seemed very happy with what she saw. When she examined my eyes, she said “Oh, this is perfect. I wish you could see what I’m seeing.” Then, later, she said, “No, seriously, this is really cool.” It is really cool. I never thought the world would ever be this available to me. I’ve gone running several times now, and am engaging more confidently with my surroundings because of the corrective surgery you performed. I will recommend you and your team to anyone I meet interested in laser vision correction.

David Higgins