I am now able to read my computer screen clearly, thus the reason for my delayed response. I want to give you a little background about myself.   I have been wearing glasses for 37 years.   My near sightedness prevented me from enjoying many activities such as amusement parks, water rides and other sports activities.  The PRK has given me a new sense of freedom and confidence to conduct activities without the fear of my glasses breaking, and leaving me helpless.

Immediately after surgery, I was able to see across the room without glasses.  The next day my eyes began to stabilized and I was able to see at 20/40.  During my first few appointments with Dr. Culp my vision continued to improve, the outcome of the surgery is amazing!  I was concerned about halos in my vision and the ability to drive at night.  I experienced halos for the first few days; after my bandage contact lenses were removed, the halos disappeared.

Your superlative surgical skills became apparent to me because of the accuracy of how you conducted all of your procedures during surgery. I want to thank you for the incredible gift of clear vision.   I will refer other friends seeking vision correction to you.    Thanks again