Hello Dr. Holzman,

I am sorry for the late reply but I have been out exploring the world with my NEW EYES and have had limited access to my email.

I am doing FANTASTIC!!!  I think I am still in shock and I have yet to fully comprehend that I CAN SEE WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!  This is the most surreal moment in my life.

As promised, the first few hours were painful.  I had to use the numbing drops that were given to me because I could not tolerate the stinging.  But after my nap, I had no pain and I could see perfectly, with my sunglasses on that is.  For the first 2.5 days I wore my sunglasses both inside and outside because I had a bit of light sensitivity but that has since gone away.  And those “Night Vision Goggles” man are they HOT!  Not!  Just kidding, I did like the fact that they were provided so that my eyes would be protected while I slept but I have to say, one size does not fit all and they were a bigger hassle for me than a help.  If they were too tight, I would get a head ache because they pushed on my eye sockets and temples but if they were loose, they just fell off defeating their purpose.  Not sure what the solution may be but just thankful I no longer have to wear them.

I have to pinch myself regularly just to make sure I am not dreaming.  And I find I talk to myself a lot now, as I am constantly saying, “Yes Cristen, YOUR EYES are reading that sign off in the distance.”  Or I’ll say, “OPEN your eyes Cristen, it would make your life a lot easier,” as I fumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night with my eyes squinted as I have done for the last 26 years because I wouldn’t put on my glasses.

I will certainly post reviews for you and your practice as my experience with your office has been fantastic since the day I made that first call and spoke to Kate Walsh.  As I shared with you the day of my procedure, I live in Richmond but found it difficult to schedule my appointment with the TLC Center here.  I was to the point where I thought the universe was trying to tell me I just should not have the procedure done.  That is when my cousin, Vahid Majidi, suggested I come up to Northern VA and see you (you performed his LASIK surgery ~4 years ago).  When I spoke to Kate Walsh, everything just started falling into place.  I LOVE all the information she provided, I LOVED the on-line video I was asked to watch, I LOVED the eye drop charts that were provided…you guys left no stone unturned as far as communication and care for me.  All the ladies in reception, Cindy O’Connor, Dr. Woo, Dr. Vu-Gia, Maria Oettinger, and last but not least you Dr. Holzman are FIRST CLASS!  I love all the smiles, the caring bed side manor, and time everyone took to make sure I was comfortable, relaxed, and had answers to all my questions.  My favorite line, “What other questions do you have?” as I had no idea doctors or their staff had time for that any more.  I have already spread the word about my amazing experience and I will continue to do so.  I also make sure to tell everyone here in Richmond that it is worth the drive up to Tysons Corner, as they won’t find any staff more caring and comforting.

Dr. Holzman, I am truly thankful to finally be able to take my sight for granted!  It is like I am seeing everything for the first time because I am truly looking at everything that I pass, taking in all the details and reveling in the fact that I am seeing on my own.  Thank you!Warm Regards,